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When we need warm homes, we rely on heaters to get the job done. However, our heaters can fail—seemingly on the coldest nights—and force homeowners to pay for costly heater repairs or a replacement heating unit. One way to avoid these problems is through regular heater maintenance.

We have maintenance programs for every type of heater. Whether you have a heat pump, boiler, or any other type of heater, our team of highly trained technicians is ready to keep it in perfect shape. When you pay for regular maintenance, your systems operate efficiently, and major problems can be prevented effectively.

Why Heater Maintenance Matters

No one can expect a neglected heating system to last. However, a properly maintained heater uses less energy, lasts for years, and saves money by avoiding costly breakdowns. Additionally, regular heater maintenance ensures that your systems are operating safely.

Our heater maintenance experts will inspect every aspects of your system, including:

  • Airflow
  • Electrical connections
  • Gas line
  • Condensate drain clogs
  • Heat exchangers
  • Safety controls
  • Burners

A maintenance plan also provides a yearly tune-up of your system to ensure it is working as efficiently and effectively as possible. We’ll lubricate moving parts, make sure your thermostat is working properly, replace old belts, and test how much power your heater is using.

Is Replacement or Maintenance the Best for my Heating System?

Your heating system is an investment. The amount of money you should devote to your system is dependent on a few factors. First, an old heater, one that’s 10–15 years old, would be better to replace than maintain. Modern heating systems are much more energy-efficient and could end up recovering their cost over time through energy savings. Second, if your heater is seven years old and the cost of repairs exceed half the cost of a replacement unit, then a replacement is more cost-effective. Our team is ready to help you decide if you should maintain your old heater or replace it with a more reliable and efficient option.

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